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Peterborough Environment City Trust Calls for ‘Zero Waste’

In the city of Peterborough, there have been recent developments to push the city toward a title as the UK’s environment capital by the Peterborough Environment City Trust. The Trust, set up in 1992 as one of the four environment cities of the UK, responded to a brown bin report by Peterborough City Council, making apparent their allegiance with good practice in the world of recycling and reuse. Indeed a statement from the Trust on the matter noted that they are “keen to support the city in establishing itself as the UK’s environment capital to improve the overall quality of life of its people, communities and environment”.

Raising recycling awareness

The principle that is perhaps central to this ambition is the idea of ‘zero waste’, a concept entailing the correct disposal of waste at all opportunities, whether that be recycling, re-use or other types of disposal.

One key facet in achieving this end goal is through raising awareness surrounding the topic and issue of recycling; an important action in our everyday society which is often overlooked due not to idleness but, rather, lack of understanding of the principles and correct techniques involved in the process. By pushing for improved recycling and reuse practices, the city hopes to make noticeable differences to percentages of waste found in black bins that could be disposed of in a more eco-friendly, less wasteful manner.

Zero Waste Week

One way the Trust thought effective in kicking off this process was through holding a “Zero Waste Week” between 16-22 February, during which schools, local businesses and individuals were challenged to become “waste free” for the week. In this time, those partaking were able not only to ‘suss out’ recycling practices and how to factor them into their day-to-day lives, with the intention of discovering the ease with which these environmentally-crucial decisions and subsequent actions involving household and business waste can be carried out.

With any luck, this scheme will be enforced within the city and the surrounding towns, allowing them to fly the flag for good recycling practice throughout Britain. It is with impetus like this that our nation of consumers can move towards a greener future, with Peterborough leading the way.

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