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Peterborough City Council Launch ‘Love Peterborough’ Campaign for a Greener City

In Peterborough, on Wednesday 5th November, a scheme was launched which has laid out a serious need for budget savings of £22 million by April 2015 to residents of the area. Aptly named ‘Love Peterborough’, the initiative is an attempt to bring down government spending through the implementation of a number of changes by residents.

Reduce costs, save money & keep green

The changes in question will see Peterborough residents recycling more, to reduce the amount of spending on transporting waste to landfill, as well as the rigorous reporting of graffiti and fly-tipping. At present, the amount spent on landfill is tipping the scale at a monumental £3 million each year, with over £50,000 spent on cleaning graffiti, £230,000 on clearing fly tipping sites and a catastrophic £750,000 on ensuring streets are kept clean and free of rubbish.
It is clear from these figures that these are areas in which the local council can make considerable budget savings, without denying residents any facilities, necessities and, as such, their quality of life. Indeed, these improvements could not only harvest a considerable portion of the budget savings required with considerable ease, but also reduce negative environmental impacts this city is having at the same time; something that is yet another positive aspect of this initiative in today’s climate.

Fastest growing city

As the fastest growing city in the UK, these savings are coming at an important time, as despite the creation of thousands of new businesses and subsequent job opportunities and residents, the amount of money received from the government has dropped by 40%. This has left Peterborough with its £22 million budget gap to close by April 2015 in order to ‘balance the books’ of the council.

Further campaigns are due to be discussed in the following weeks, detailing other potential areas of saving, such as recycling and food waste. With any luck, this scheme will be fruitful and will help keep Peterborough thriving and growing at the rate at which it is, without falling into difficulties on account of a lack of budget savings.

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