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I Want to Ride my Recycled Carpet Bicycle

A new technology has been developed by Wishbone Design, the product design company who have devised a process in which they can turn carpets into rigid tubular shapes and, by doing so, form children’s bikes.

The carpet recycling process

This recycling process works in the following way, as explained by joint owner of Wishbone Design, Jenny McIver: “Firstly, nylon carpet fibres are shaved from the backing. Then both the nylon fibre and polypropylene backing are separately recycled via a proprietary process, which shreds, cleans and heats the raw material into liquid form. We add glass fibre for strength and rigidity’. Following this process, the result is engineered resin pellets, which can then be injection-moulded into various strong forms.
After almost three years of developing this process, refining its design further and further to allow for an even more efficient and effective recycling process, the owners were proud to unveil the world’s first bike constructed from entirely post-consumer recycled material. Each bike is made from two kilos-worth of this nylon from the used carpets.

How can I recycle my carpet?

This is but one use for recycled carpets, albeit an extremely impressive and fairly uncustomary one. There are indeed various uses for recycled carpets which save homeowners from simply throwing away their old carpets. Some ideas for how you can dispose of your carpet are as follows:

 Sell the carpet online, on sites such as eBay and Gumtree which are full with people looking for second-hand objects just like these.

 Similarly, you could even advertise your carpet on sites such as Freecycle if you do not require money in return for your old carpet.

  –  Offer the carpet to friends or family members who may be in need of one or certainly who are able to put it to good use.

 Local gardening enthusiasts may be able to put your carpet to good use, for insulating compost heaps and even laying on plots and paths to keep weeds at bay.

 If you cut the carpet down to the correct size, you could place it across your car’s windscreen to keep frost at bay.

Something as simple as your old carpet could have a wealth of useful functions elsewhere in your property or day-to-day life, so it is worth considering its uses before simply throwing it away without another thought.

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