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Grade C Wood Recycling

As part of our specialist wood and timber recycling services, the team at Woodford Recycling provide Grade C wood recycling throughout Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.

Grade C reclaimed wood can be used to generate alternative, biomass fuels — contributing to the creation of renewable energy sources which do not rely on harmful, finite fossil fuels.

Our reclaimed timber recycling service is open to commercial and domestic customers; we can take a range of fuel grade wood off your hands, carrying out efficient and responsible timber disposal every time.

Grade C wood commonly comes in the form of pallets, chipboard, MDF and plywood. Through our wood reclamation service, these surplus timber products can be put to use, helping you to clear space and improve your green credentials at the same time.

We have the facilities and know-how to process large quantities of recycled wood. From pallet recycling to the reclamation of miscellaneous Grade C wood products, the Woodford Recycling team can collect reclaimed timber direct from your site.

To discuss the collection of Grade C recycled wood — or to enquire about our wood recycling services, simply contact us today.



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