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WRAP Launches ‘Resource Revolution, Creating the Future’ Five Year Plan

With the new launch of the ‘Resource Revolution’ comes a five year plan which will aim to revolutionise the way in which we use resources. With increased pressure on the world’s natural resources due to rising populations, the way in which we are producing and consuming goods needs a serious overhaul; something which is being addressed with WRAP’s new plan.

What is the Resource Revolution?

With a strong track record of identifying areas of waste and how to reduce it, thus improving efficiency in the process, WRAP’s plan will address the ‘business as usual’ approach to consumption, instead promoting the three ‘R’s of the future. These are as follows:

  –  Re-inventing the design, production and sales of products

  –  Re-thinking how products are used and consumed by our society

  –  Redefining what’s possible through recycling and reuse of goods

Which markets will WRAP target?

The three chief areas which will be prioritised during the plan for the next five years according to WRAP are, naturally, those in which said scheme can have the biggest impact on improving environmental efficiency. These are:

  –  food and drink

  –  clothing and textiles

  –  electricals and electronics

Together, these industries’ collective impact is responsible for:

  –  25% of the UK’s carbon footprint

  –  80% of the UK’s water footprint

  –  40% of the UK’s household waste

All of these industries are ones fundamentally underpinned by resource management, thus the apt targets for the reception of this new plan for efficiency. WRAP will, of course, continue to operate throughout the country as a whole, improving the state of a number of sectors above and beyond simply these three, but these will be prioritised, with the cardinal focus being placed upon them.

What are WRAP’s aims?

WRAP’s aims by the year 2020 span across the three sectors, addressing issues such as improving food quality and waste efficiency, reductions in harmful manufacturing of clothes, and better WEEE recycling practices. With these and many more solutions, WRAP look set to make yet more improvements across the UK which will impact consumers and producers both, as well as being a step in the right direction for the world’s recycling efforts.

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