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Wheelie Bin Fire Safety

Wheelie bin fires can prove to be devastating and cause a lot of damage. Homes or office premises can get burned, and such fires can also result in casualties and/or fatalities. And, if your wheelie bin catches fire, you will be penalised by your council. In addition, there is also the expense of replacing the bins. Arson and accidental fires are the main cause for wheelie bin fires.

Here are some wheelie bin fire safety tips that will go a long way in preventing property loss and damage and reduce risk to human life.

•             Never store your wheelie bins close to your windows or doors. If the bin catches fire, it can easily spread to your home or office.

•             Wheelie bins should never be kept close to a building for the same reason mentioned above.

•             Ensure the wheelie bin is not overfilled with refuse and garbage, as any loose rubbish is inflammable and can easily catch fire and set the bin on fire, too.

•             As far as possible, store your wheelie bins behind locked gates to prevent strangers from getting access to them.

•             Store your wheelie bins in such a manner so that they don’t block escape routes and access.

Arson is a major problem, and wheelie bins that are not stored properly and securely can be easy targets.

If waste generation at home or business premises is high, the best way to prevent waste from over-spilling is to opt for additional wheelie bins. There is no doubt that these bins can be expensive, which is perhaps the reason why you should turn to Woodford Recycling. Through Woodford Recycling, you will be able to hire wheelie bins for your home or commercial property at an affordable cost and you can also enjoy wheelie bin fire safety by taking up Woodford Recycling’s waste management services. The moment your wheelie bin reaches its capacity, you can call on the company to remove it and dispose of the waste, which the company tries to recycle as far as possible. This will help keep your premises safe from wheelie bin fires, and also ensure the environment is not impacted with the waste that is generated.

Woodford Recycling offers wheelie bins in three different sizes – 240 litres, 660 litres and 1,100 litres. These wheelie bins can be used in residential as well as commercial areas, including hotels, shops, offices and small businesses. The bins come with four rotating wheels, which allow the bins to be manoeuvred easily and seamlessly.

Do not let over-spilling wheelie bins result in a fire in your neighbourhood. Instead, use the tips provided above to help avert wheelie bin fires; and if you need additional waste containment, opt for the efficient and affordable wheelie bin hire and disposal services offered by Woodford Recycling.


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