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Waste Management You Can Trust

If we’re being completely honest, not many of us give much consideration as to where our domestic or commercial waste goes once it is collected by a waste management company. The assumption is that if it is cleared from the premises by any remotely professional looking operation, it must be being disposed of in an ethical and regulated way, right? Well, as some recent events have demonstrated, this isn’t always the case…

A number of reports emanating across the country in recent weeks have highlighted a growing method of large-scale fly-tipping, in which organised groups posing as waste collectors have removed household and agricultural refuse for a fee, before compacting and wrapping it in plastic sacks capable of holding about half a ton of rubbish. The bags are then being dumped in nearby fields disguised as stacks of baled hay or silage often left by farmers, and are definitely not making it to official waste management sites.

A few high profile cases of this scam have come to light over the past couple of months, sparking an investigation by the environmental agency and a number of local police forces into more potential instances. In Essex last month, authorities discovered more than 3,000 bales weighing a huge 1,500 tonnes in an open field in the Purfleet area of the county, while another discovery found a similar amount in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire less than a fortnight later.

It is thought that there could be thousands more cases of unsanctioned refuse dumping in the region, but the nature of the disguise makes them difficult to spot. Only when the bags split open can their contents be spotted, as in size and shape they are almost identical to the hay bales that they imitate.

It is therefore prudent to encourage prevention rather than cure in this situation, meaning there are steps that you can take to ensure that you don’t contribute to this nefarious activity. The easiest way to do this is to check that the waste management company you choose is fully accredited to carry out the work required.

Here at Woodford Recycling, not only do our expert team hold all relevant certification from industry regulating associations, but we run our own waste management facility directly from our Huntingdon premises. This means that you know exactly where your refuse is going every time, as well as helping your business to hit green targets with our recycling station and non-hazardous landfill site at our sister operation, Woodford Waste Management.

So don’t run the risk of falling foul of cowboys; call on a waste management company you can trust and get in touch with Woodford Recycling today.


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