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Sainsbury’s Become the First Supermarket to Scrap Multibuy Deals

Multibuy deals are something which have become renowned in UK supermarkets in recent years. With demand for groceries increasing alongside our ever-growing population, multibuy deals have meant a way for supermarkets to provide customers with large quantities of what they need at cut prices.

There are, however, a number of downsides to multibuy deals, and they are not all good news. Research by the government-backed Money Advice Service (MAS) shows that three quarters of shoppers will overspend in excess of £1200 each year at supermarkets due to misleading offers and deals, and simply buying more than they need due to being tempted by deals. It is this public overspending and huge amounts of waste produced through it that have prompted Sainsbury’s to make a change in how and in what quantities they are selling.

Indeed many customer surveys carried out by Sainsbury’s have shown that customers, rather than being pleased with the outcome of having multibuy purchases within their home, are in fact mislead and put off by the sheer amount of products they bring into their home, as well as the amount of waste they often result in.

Commercial director of food at the supermarket giant, Paul Mills-Hicks, noted that “customer shopping habits have changed significantly in recent years, with people shopping more frequently – often seeking to buy what they need at that moment in time.” He went on to state that by replacing the supermarket’s multibuy promotions with lower regular prices, they are “making it easier for customers to buy the products they need, in the quantities they need, without having to buy multiple items to enjoy great value”.

For these reasons, Sainsbury’s have made the decision to phase out multibuy promotions in favour of lower, regular prices which will allow customers to buy just what they need at low prices without the need for huge amounts of excess.

With this movement away from multibuys, Sainsbury’s hopes to reduce waste for customers across the country, providing a more convenient, cheap way to shop, as well as a whole host of environmental and ethical benefits that come with the reduction in wasted food and packaging.

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