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Residents Recycle Plastic Bags in Cambridge’s Blue Bins

Residents of Cambridge have been presented with recent news that they can now recycle plastic bags along with their other recyclables in their residents’ blue bins. With residents currently able to recycle cans, plastic bottles and aerosols in these bins, Cambridge City Council have signed with AmerCespa to allow for further materials to be able to be recycled alongside these existing items.

Recycle plastic bags in Cambridge’s blue bins

The City Council’s Executive Councillor for Environment, Waste and Public Health, Councillor Peter Roberts, stated: “We are pleased to have this contract in place and I would urge residents to take advantage of being able to recycle all their plastic bags and plastic film so it can be made into new products such as fleeces or new packaging”. Roberts attributed this recent movement in the recycling process to the council’s awareness that “residents have been keen to recycle more of their plastic packaging”, stating that he wanted to “take the opportunity to thank them for their recycling efforts”.

What can be recycled in Cambridge?

In the run up to Christmas, Roberts, along with the rest of the council, explained how glad they were to be able to offer a greater range of materials to be sent to recycling. Indeed, the scheme looks set to see Cambridge and the surrounding area at the forefront of recycling efforts for the region, doing their bit to help the environment more so than ever. Plastic bags are something that we, as a nation of consumers, use on a daily basis. Since they are not particularly strong, and cannot be used more than a few times before breaking, it is custom to be presented with a new one every time we shop, which is generating a large number of the bags being put into circulation throughout our country and, indeed, the rest of the world. Without the ability to recycle them, these plastic items are problematic and harmful to the environment, creating a wasteful way of transporting our goods.

Plastic bags are just one additional route that homeowners can take when it comes to recycling their unwanted goods and materials. The full range of what can be recycled.

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