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Garden Renovation: Your Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re a home or business owner, if your garden has turned into an uncontrollable wilderness, or if it just needs a simple facelift, knowing the stages of how to transform and regenerate your green spaces is vital to make sure you end up with a first-rate result. In this simple step by step guide, we take you through how to revive worn-out garden areas and turn them into outdoor havens for yourself and visitors alike to enjoy.

Clear the garden of waste

Out with the old, in with the new. The first stage of garden regeneration is to have a clearout, removing any old and worn garden furniture, structures, stones, and also any weeds or damaged grass. You may find that you produce lots of waste during this stage, and therefore it’s worth hiring out a skip to not only contain the waste in one place, but also to have the convenience of having the waste removed from your premises by a professional company. Here at Woodford Recycling we offer an array of skip sizes to help with any scale of project, from small domestic skips to huge commercial skips for bigger landscaping projects – and many sizes in between.
Woodford Recycling 6 Yard Skip

Soil is Everything

Everything begins and ends with the quality of your soil. Good quality soil is essential for providing grass and plants with what they need to thrive, and therefore soil must offer water retention, nutrients, organisms, minerals, organic matter, and stability. Adding compost, grass, leaves and manure can add the organic matter that soil needs to revive it. In addition to your lawn, planting seeds and creating flower features can add a splash of colour and beauty to your green spaces. The success of any garden regeneration, therefore, lies with obtaining high quality topsoil. Woodford Recycling will advise you on the grade of topsoil that is most suitable for your project, in addition to providing you with the exact quantity your require.

Woodford Recycling Topsoil Supplies

Tidy Up Vegetation

Prune bushes and trees. Not only does this make them look neater in the present, but it will encourage better, healthier growth in the future. If you want to fell any trees, ensure that they do not have attached preservation orders by checking with your local planning authority.

Think About Borders

You may also discover that your walling and fencing has been neglected, in which case it’s worth replacing it with fresh new garden borders. Get rid of old fencing and walling materials by placing them into your hired skip, remembering to always put heavier items at the bottom of the skip, before placing lighter items on top. Attractive bordering is a staple of quality garden design, helping to create structure and form as well as protecting your privacy.

Garden borders

Decorate and Beautify

Once you have the basics sorted, it’s time to think about how best to enhance it with creative landscaping ideas. Gravel or other decorative stones complement any soft landscaping elements, and can add a touch of texture and warmth to your garden, and can be used for flower-beds, driveways, paths, and in many other ways. Woodford Recycling has the capacity to offer whatever quantity of gravel you need, with both smooth or fine grades available

Gravel and sand supplies from Woodford Recycling

Here at Woodford Recycling, we’ll help your garden project come off without a hitch. We hire out an assortment of skips of all sizes, offering a same-day delivery and removal service. Our team also provide a broad range of aggregates, sand and gravel, to make sure you’re totally geared up and ready to begin your garden regeneration. To find out more, simply get in touch with our experts today.


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