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Feeling Flushed at Festivals

As summertime rolls round again, so too does the start of the festival season. For many, that means enjoying some live music (and a few beers) with friends, trying to stay out of the rain and generally having a good time.

For others, however, it means something else entirely. Often the unsung heroes at festivals and outdoor events, there are teams that work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that sanitation and waste disposal is taken care of – something that’s incredibly important when thousands of people are together in an enclosed outdoor space.

Usually, liquid waste is collected in a combined or sanitary sewer, before being treated at a waste water plant or in a septic tank. During large, temporary outdoor events and festivals however, this isn’t possible, meaning the task must be performed manually.

Armed with mobile pumping trucks, high pressure jet vac cleaning equipment, temporary waste water storage facilities and a crew of dedicated and qualified experts, waste disposal companies are on hand to take care of all emptying of portable toilets, septic waste removal to local water treatment works and more.

Incorrect or non-existent waste management can lead to a variety of health risks, with the spread of disease from untreated sewage a very real possibility, as well as contamination of the local eco-system of the sites on which these events take place. In the case of large festivals, this waste accounts for the majority of the events environmental impact, and it’s a credit to the waste disposal teams involved that the severity of this impact is kept under control.

As one of the most popular festivals in Europe, Glastonbury provides attendees with over 4,000 toilets site-wide, which means a lot of work for the liquid waste disposal teams. Working 3 shifts, 12 hours a day, the toilet cleaners are crucial to maintaining hygiene safety standards, and the job they perform is often cited as one of the country’s least desirable – for good reason!

Here at Woodford Recycling, we offer expert provision of both liquid waste disposal and septic tank emptying, reducing the risk of contamination and tank overflow due to build-up of solids or faults. Our qualified team work within all hazardous waste disposal guidelines, and are available at highly competitive prices. For more information, or to arrange your domestic or commercial waste disposal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Woodford Recycling today.


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