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What Can You Fit Into a 8 Yard Skip?

Sometimes, visualising how much space a skip can offer is a tricky thing to wrap your mind around. Metrics such as cubic yards can seem meaningless to those of us who aren’t mathematics-savvy. However, imagining how many jelly beans can comfortably fill a skip will give us a much clearer idea.

In this handy guide, we take you through how many conventional (and unconventional) items can fit inside a 8 yard skip – one of our more popular sizes.

Note: These examples are by volume only, and do not address the weight restrictions of a skip.


We are now in the heart of autumn, and you’ll be pleased to know that your Halloween waste will be nicely taken care of, as 121 pumpkins can fit into n 8 yard skip – enough for you, and all your neighbours.


A staple of construction projects across the world, there are few objects that have a clearer, more universally recognised shape and size than a brick. If neatly placed, roughly 4,269 bricks can fit into an 8 yard skip. Only skips up to 8 cubic yards can take heavy waste streams, such as bricks, rubble and inert materials.

Tennis Balls

For the sports fans out there, a skip may not be the first place you would store your tennis balls – though with 23,300 tennis balls able to fit into an 8 yard skip, we think Wimbledon should get wind of this handy storage option.
Tennis Balls

Rubbish Bags

When loading waste into a skip, bagging it up into rubbish bags is the primary method to dispose of waste. Approximately 60 – 80 rubbish bags can fit into an 8 yard skip – a significant number, which is why this size is ideal to have on hand for large home renovations, landscaping projects and construction projects.
Rubbish Bags

Jelly Beans

An old confectionery favourite, famed for their small size – but just how many jelly beans can fit inside n 8 yard skip? It’s a lot more than you might think – an impressive 1,562,752, in fact (but let’s face it – who’s throwing jelly beans away?)
Jelly beans

Here at Woodford Recycling, we provide a range of skip sizes for any domestic or commercial project. We understand that no two jobs are the same, and we work to accommodate this. Our skips are available throughout Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon and Peterborough – get in touch today to discover more.


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