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Why Topsoil is Top Notch

What is topsoil?

Essentially, topsoil can be described as the surface layer of soil in which grass, plant or flower seeds are planted. Anywhere between 5 and 30cm deep, there are 3 elements that comprise the standard surface covering: humus, clay particles and sand.

There are also a number of organic features that can improve the efficacy of topsoil, such as micro-organisms, worms and other organic matter, while any number of microscopic organisms, insects, spiders and more help to develop the surface into a healthy, strong soil.

High quality topsoil will have a good texture, derived from an ideal balance of humus, clay and sand, and is worth investing in for the benefit of your plants.

Why is topsoil used?

Topsoil is used to provide a healthy surface in which plants and flowers can grow. A lot of plants have roots that don’t even penetrate deeper than the topsoil layer, making this surface crucial to a successful garden, and a high quality soil is also the key to a well laid lawn.

Depending on its intended use, different varieties of topsoil are needed for different plant types and conditions, and a selection of materials are sold commercially as topsoil, such as peat, potting soil and container gardens.

How can your Topsoil be improved?

Achieving a good balance between the different elements that make up topsoil is the key to optimising its performance. If yours is too sandy, adding humus, loam or organic matter might be the solution. Clay-heavy soil can be fixed with the addition of sandy loam, while loam can also help to add body to topsoil that’s less than 4 inches deep.

A soil analysis by a professional will be the most accurate way to determine the quality of your topsoil.

What is Loam?

Although not strictly a soil in itself, loam can be added to topsoil to create a balance that makes it easier for plants and flowers to draw nutrients from the earth.

It retains water well due to its material makeup, which consists of silt (made from quartz with a smooth texture), sand (small rock and mineral particles) and clay, meaning you will need to water your plants much less with a loamy topsoil.

Woodford Recycling

Here at Woodford Recycling, we are experts in the supply of topsoil of the highest quality. We can supply materials in any quantity, no matter how large or small, for domestic or commercial purposes.

For more information, or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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