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Moving House & Clearing the Clutter? Woodford’s Tips for Skips

Often topping polls of “most stressful activities”, moving house can be a time fraught with complications and logistical nightmares. Ensuring that you have packed correctly, organised transport for your belongings, changed your address with all relevant parties, cancelled all utilities and performed the hundreds of other tasks that are necessary to relocate can be a highly time-consuming process.

One way to ease the load, especially if you are moving to a smaller home and have less available space, is to hire a skip to help clear that unneeded clutter. From general household waste to unwanted furniture that is no longer suitable for the charity shop, skip hire can provide you with an effective solution to your space creation needs.

Although offering an efficient waste disposal option, there are a few important things to remember when renting a skip. Follow the simple checklist below for stress-free hire.


Before rushing into your skip hire, take the time to carefully make a plan. Assess your waste amount to determine how many days you will require the skip for – too little will mean a potentially costly renewal of your hire contract; too long will mean an unnecessary overspend.

Effective planning will also mean you hire the correct size model for your needs. Remember – an overflowing skip is not only dangerous to transport, it’s also highly illegal, and many skip hire companies will simply refuse to collect it in this state.

Position and Permits

Keeping the skip on the road directly outside of your property is most convenient for your needs, but is it possible?  A skip hire delivery lorry will require space to be able to drop your skip off (usually around 10ft of unobstructed width), which usually discounts tight driveways and narrow streets. Legally, permits are also required to keep a skip on a public road. Costs for these permits vary from region to region, so check with your local authority to find out more about your area. It is also important to note that in some places, responsibility for sourcing certification lies with the hire company, while in others it is the duty of the hirer – although most skip hire companies will offer to help you with this process as part of their service.

Correct Usage

As part of your planning process for your skip hire, do some research into the kinds of things you can and can’t place in one. For example, anything that can be termed as “hazardous waste” is normally a no-go. This might include asbestos-containing materials, electrical appliances (TVs, computers etc), white goods that might contain harmful chemicals (fridges, freezers etc), solvents and other flammable liquids, batteries, fluorescent tubes, medical waste, tyres and more. In some cases, building and masonry materials are also not permitted. Check with your skip provider for a fully detailed list.

Green Considerations

A deciding factor in the skip hire company that you choose might be how environmentally friendly their practices are. This is a popular consideration for many businesses today and companies should be transparent about their green practices, such as waste transfer abilities and landfill policies.

Woodford Recycling

Here at Woodford Recycling, we provide an ideal domestic skip hire solution for all house movers, with a wide range of skip sizes available to rent at competitive prices. Our expert team are on hand to provide you with advice about your specific needs, before delivering and collecting your skip direct to where you need it.

Woodford’s green policy sees us recycle up to 85% of the waste we collect, while our in-house facilities allows us to quickly and easily process all skip contents without the need to drive waste long distances to landfill site.

Get in touch today for more information, or a quote about our skip hire services.


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