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Goody gumdrops! Charity Hubbub have bin thinking about litter else but the environment!

Environmental charity Hubbub have been working hard to come up with new, innovative ways to cut littering. In today’s society, there are a wealth of opportunities to free-up the streets from the large amount of gum and cigarette butts scattered on our roads and pavements which is making them an eyesore, and a less pleasant place to be.

Current Litter Levels

Despite the public’s general dislike of the litter surrounding them on streets and other public places, levels of litter have not changed during the past 12 years; something which needs desperately to be changed. In fact, rather than improving, some littering has worsened, including that of fast food packaging which is more prevalent than ever within the litter we are seeing, increasing by 20% in recent times. Aside from the less-than-pleasing aesthetic our littered streets have, and the impression they give to residents of and visitors to our towns and cities, the littering also costs taxpayers around £850m each year in clean-up acts; money which could be well-spent elsewhere in our economy.

Hubbub Charity

This is where the new charity Hubbub come in. With a serious commitment to the environment, the charity are taking a fresh look at the environmental challenges we are faced with today, and are seeking new approaches to finding a remedy for them. Taking advantage of the 86% of people whose opinions of littering were negative in a recent poll, Hubbub have generated a handful of ideas to help combat the high levels of littering we, as a country, are faced with every day. The ideas are centred around the principle of making correct litter disposal practice more attractive through making it enjoyable, with some of the ideas as follows:

  • Vote with your butt: Ashtrays will be designed with a voting function, in which the ashtray will allow smokers to vote on a different sports question every week with their cigarette butts.
  • Gumdrop on-the-go: There will be small, bubble-shaped bin in a bright pink colour which will make it apparent to the general public exactly where gum can be disposed of.
  • Talking rubbish: Bins that can make belching, sneezing or even applauding noises when rubbish is disposed in them will be installed on our streets to create a sense of fun with litter disposal.
  • Chew is it? : Peppermint Pointillist displays have been installed for people to stick their gum to, to reveal an image or fact.

With any luck, these initiatives and ideas will see a serious improvement in the levels of littering we are witnessing today, and will create a name for Hubbub in the environmental charity sector, allowing them to go from strength to strength and work on more beneficial projects in future.

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