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Fenland District Council & Peterborough City Council Work Together to Combat Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is an issue which, over the past few months, has created a cause for concern for residents of Fenland in the Peterborough region. Recent investigations into the problem have led to intervention from various parties who have forged links; not only have the residents of this area involved themselves in combatting these happenings, but Fenland District Council along with Peterborough City Council themselves are all working together to tackle this growing problem in the area.

No Tipping

Methods of combative behaviour have included the issuing of warning signs in up to thirty locations which are currently recognised as fly-tipping hotspots by the nearby residents. This, alongside developing links with other partner organisations who may be able to track down offenders and take action against them are both steps being implemented to get rid of this spate of illegal waste disposal in this area altogether.

As noted by Fenland District Council’s cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Peter Murphy, it is “hard to catch fly-tippers red-handed” and it is a problem “that can only be effectively tackled by everyone – householders, businesses and the various statutory authorities working closely together”.  Thanks to the power contracted to the council to deal with these issues, the aforementioned signs have been put in place, discouraging few acts of fly-tipping, spelling out the severe existing penalties for fly-tipping whilst making offenders aware of surveillance equipment that is being used to capture their actions.

 £5000 Fine

On top of these measures, council officers have paid local companies visits to ensure that they are aware of their duty to the environment, making sure that they know exactly how they should be disposing of their waste. As well as this, and following these less stringent measures, the £5,000 fine that befalls those caught fly-tipping is a last resort to stamp out these incidents once and for all, with warnings of this fine being issued to householders and businesses around the area.

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