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6 Benefits of Recycling Wood

To help encourage you to recycle more wood and to help you understand the process better, this month at Woodford Recycling, we thought we’d cover some of the main benefits.

We’ll also look at how and where wood is recycled — but first, here are six benefits of wood recycling.


The benefits of recycling wood

If you’re already recycling your wood, then that’s great news. And if you’re not recycling wood, we understand that it can sometimes be tricky, which is why we want to help. But either way, here are some strong reasons that we should all be making the effort:

  • Reduces the need to fell more trees – The more wood you recycle, the fewer virgin materials we need. This is helpful because, despite planting new trees, as a species we fell more than we plant. Plus, saplings can’t compare to fully grown trees when it comes to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 
  • Keeps recyclables out of landfill – Landfill sites are filling up, so if we can all work to divert recyclable items away from these places, it’s a positive for everyone. 
  • Reduces fire hazard risk – If you keep wood and timber lying around that you don’t intend to use, then it’s creating a fire risk. Should a fire break out on your premises, your woodpile will act as an effective fuel for it to burn and spread. 
  • Saves you money on tipping fees – Fees for tipping at landfill sites have been rising, so finding a greener way of disposing of your wood and timber can actually help you to save on costs. 
  • New materials can be made – Wood can easily be transformed into useful materials, from mulch and chippings to using recycled timber to build new structures. There isn’t a great deal of processing required to upcycle wood, giving it a new lease of life. 
  • Gives you sustainable credentials – If you operate a business right now, your sustainability credentials could be a selling point. Many consumers are looking for responsible and ethical businesses to use or buy from, so make recycling something you and your team can be proud of, no matter how large or small your company is.

How is wood recycled?

The wood that we collect for recycling is first sorted and separated to ensure it is ready for processing. Next, the wood is fed through shredding machinery which breaks the material down into smaller pieces – the size can vary depending on where it will be sent and for what purpose. 

The end product is then sent away to be used in constructing new items such as furniture, while smaller particles may be used for things such as animal bedding or playgrounds.

You can learn more about the different types of wood recyclability in our previous guide on the topic.

Where can I recycle timber?

Since there is no way to recycle scrap wood in household recycling schemes, your best option is to find a facility that offers wood recycling specifically. 

Here at Woodford Recycling, we’re experts in timber and wood waste recycling, with our material recycling facility dedicated to helping divert your waste away from landfill sites – including Grade C wood in the form of pallets, MDF and chipboard. We aim to recycle 100% of the waste we receive from domestic and commercial sources alike, reducing the strain on natural resources.

For an eco-friendly waste wood recycling service, contact our friendly and professional team today and we’ll be happy to arrange a waste wood collection of your materials.


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