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Why is recycling important?

Recycling has never been more important to the future of our planet and our people. The soaring global population is putting huge strain on our natural resources, and the truth of the matter is: the earth cannot support our needs indefinitely. In this article, we put in simple terms why recycling is so important and … Continue reading »

What should you do with your old bras?

Many women have underwear draws cluttered up with old or unused bras – mainly because we aren’t sure how to dispose of them! As multi-material items (think fabric, elastic and metal wiring), it can be tricky to figure out if they are suitable for recycling, or if donation is a better choice. Truth is, there … Continue reading »

What Can You Fit Into a 8 Yard Skip?

Sometimes, visualising how much space a skip can offer is a tricky thing to wrap your mind around. Metrics such as cubic yards can seem meaningless to those of us who aren’t mathematics-savvy. However, imagining how many jelly beans can comfortably fill a skip will give us a much clearer idea. In this handy guide, … Continue reading »

7 Ways to Stop Using Plastic

Plastic is bad news for our planet – suffocating oceans, clogging landfill sites and contaminating groundwater with dangerous chemicals. But, unfortunately, this man-made material has found its way into every aspect of modern life, which may leave you wondering how you can escape it to live a cleaner, greener life. Want to know how to … Continue reading »

Garden Renovation: Your Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re a home or business owner, if your garden has turned into an uncontrollable wilderness, or if it just needs a simple facelift, knowing the stages of how to transform and regenerate your green spaces is vital to make sure you end up with a first-rate result. In this simple step by step guide, … Continue reading »

How to teach kids to recycle

The planet’s future is not just in our hands, but the hands of our children. Teaching kids to recycle is therefore vital for ensuring a sustainable future, and instilling environmental values that they can carry throughout their life. It’s not enough to show them how to recycle; kids should also understand why recycling is important. … Continue reading »

Everything you need to know before hiring a commercial skip

As a commercial business, you will typically produce huge volumes of waste of many varieties, including hazardous, electrical and confidential. Whether you’re planning an office move or a restaurant revamp, commercial skip hire can help you to both house and dispose of this waste. Here is everything you need to know before hiring a commercial … Continue reading »

Everything you need to know before hiring a domestic skip

Hiring a skip is a convenient waste management solution for homeowners, and whilst it’s a straightforward process, you still need a few bits of know how to make the process run smoothly. Here is everything you need to know before hiring a domestic skip for your home. Establishing the use If you’re a homeowner, hiring … Continue reading »

Top Tips for Disposing of Confidential Waste

We’re living in a digital age, but despite this, businesses still produce a huge amount of paper wastage each year. Protecting your sensitive information is a big concern for anyone, but is especially important for commercial companies who often have customers and partners relying on trustworthy data privacy. Just one mistake, and you could be … Continue reading »

Roll On Roll Off Skips: What can they be used for?

If you’re launching a construction or demolition project, or a commercial site that needs to dispose of large bulky waste, a standard skip may not be your best option. Here at Woodford Recycling we are able to supply you with a large Roll On Roll Off container ideal for large volumes of waste. This is an … Continue reading »

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