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Woodford RecyclingSkip Hire Stamford

If you’re in Stamford and looking for a waste disposal service of any type, for a project of any size, why not take a look at the extensive range on offer at Woodford Recycling? Not only do we provide comprehensive waste disposal services for both domestic and commercial needs, but we also undertake a rigorous recycling operation using our state-of-the-art facility to ensure your waste is put to good use.

All you need to do is get in touch — and we’ll do the rest. We aim to recycle 100% of the recyclable waste put in our skips, and our cutting edge technology is helping us to achieve this. Our machines can sift through your waste to recover and recycle any items reusable materials, meaning nothing goes to waste.

We offer:

Whether you’re a large industrial company looking for liquid waste disposal or you just need a wheelie bin for a small housing renovation project, we’ll provide the solutions with the same levels of professionalism and efficiency. Leave it to us to sort out any and all skip permits on your behalf, and we can even deliver and collect your skip on the very same day.

Using our services isn’t just helping your home or business, it’s helping the world. Take a look through our website to explore the full list of services we offer. Alternatively, give us a call if you have any further questions. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Our Skip Sizes...

4 yard

4 Yard Skip More Info
Height Width 3' 4" / 1.02m 5' 1" / 1.55m
Length Capacity 8' 2" / 2.50m 3m³ / 4yd³

6 yard

6 Yard Skip More Info
Height Width 3' 4" / 1.02m 5' 11" / 1.80m
Length Capacity 10' 8" / 3.30m 4.6m³ / 6yd³

8 yard (Open & Enclosed)

8 Yard Skip More Info
Height Width 3' 7" / 1.10m 5' 11" / 1.80m
Length Capacity 11' 5" / 3.50m 6m³ / 8yd³

12 yard

12 Yard Skip More Info
Height Width 5' 11" / 1.80m 5' 11" / 1.80m
Length Capacity 12' 5" / 3.80m 9.18³ / 12³

16 yard (Open & Enclosed)

16 Yard Skip More Info
Height Width 6' 7" / 2.00m 5' 11" / 1.80m
Length Capacity 14' 7" / 4.50m 12.23m³ / 16yd³
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